Original Article: The Truth About Guns

Amy Robbins is changing the way women carry firearms. The former NRA TV host, model and lifestyle blogger has developed a clothing line that doesn’t suck for women who carry guns.

Ms. Robbins is a self-professed farmer’s daughter. Despite her family’s longstanding firearms familiarity, her personal journey into armed self-defense started four years ago, when her father decided his comely daughters should be prepared to defend their lives, the lives of their loved ones and other innocents by force of arms.

Ms. Robbins isn’t one who’s easily told what to do. Neither is she a woman without common sense. So she took up the challenge and started educating herself on all aspects of self-defense firearms.

Shameless promotion alert!

Ms. Robbins told TTAG that The Truth About Guns helped her on her way. “I’m such a fan of TTAG. I visit the site regularly to educate myself on guns,” she confessed. This despite RF’s diss of her participation in the ill-fated GunTV venture.

Having established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the firearms industry, Ms. Robbins spent the last two years designing her carry clothes for women, set to launch September first.

She told me that her apparel-o-mania all started when she began training for a marathon. The Dallas park where she likes to run isn’t the safest of places. Running in Lululemon gear, Ms. Robbins found it difficult to conceal her handgun.

And so Alexo Athletica was born. (Pre-orders available at that link.)

Alexo is Greek for defend. Ms. Robbins has put a lot of thought into the needs of women who defend themselves. Her yoga pants have higher waistbands with reinforced elastic on both sides to keep a woman’s firearm in place when she runs. And that’s just the start…

Ms. Robbins believes most women’s concealed carry clothing is unflattering and impractical for everyday use. Her designs turn that on its head: offering clothes that flatter the firearm fashionista. Once her tactical yoga pants establish the Alexo brand, she wants to create an entire line of concealed carry clothes that aren’t overly tactical or plain-old ugly.

“I choose to protect myself with a gun, so I don’t fear walking by myself,” she says. “I want to be able to keep my firearms on my body. And to be able to access my gun safely and efficiently.”

Ms. Robbins is boldly going into new territory — at least for her. She’s had to learn about firearms, firearms safety and the clothing manufacture business.

“It’s a steep learning curve,” she admits. “But I’m dedicated to give women the best of both worlds: attractive comfortable clothing that provides a practical solution for women who carry.”

“I’m making fashionable clothes that allow a woman to remain safe, strong, independent and self-reliant while exercising, socializing or just going about their daily life.”

For women who know that they’re their own first responders, that’s what winning looks like. Watch this space. Ms. Robbins does! Suggestions below….