How Amy Robbins Deals with Firearm Critics

Amy Robbins is the CEO and co-founder of Alexo Athletica. It’s a unique company that makes functional carrywear, specially designed for women who live an active lifestyle, with an emphasis on fitness. Their mission: “Create a movement of empowered, independent women that could #carrywithconfidence.” Amy is also a television host, a model, and brand influencer, as well as a passionate advocate of the Second Amendment. In this clip, Jack Carr and Amy discuss working for the 2A community and dealing with critics.

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How A Former Fashion Model Designed Concealed-Carry Running Shorts For Women

In Georgetown, Texas, back in 2002, college student Rachel Cooke went for a jog during a winter break visit to her parents’ home just north of Austin. She was near the end of her regular four-mile run and was last seen just 200 yards from her family’s house. To this day nobody knows what happened after that, because Cooke was never seen or heard from again.

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Jack Carr: Carry With Confidence’ Entrepreneur

On the latest episode of Danger Close, Amy discusses her own journey launching a business and why she wanted to start a company that focuses on carrywear for women. They also talk about the importance of meaningful dialogue on social media, the #MeToo movement, responsible firearm ownership, and a lot more.

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Episode 27 | Amy Robbins | Choosing to Carry with Confidence

How do you carry a firearm with confidence and still slay it, fashionably speaking? A question like that easily conjures images of Lara Croft or Alice, but it touches on something that is of real concern for women – and even men – who want to work out comfortably and safely. Whatever your opinion about guns, the need for personal protection is real, and it weighs upon more people than you think, especially women. However, most of the women’s apparel in the market is not specifically designed for women who want to conceal protective devices on their person comfortably. Amy Robbins solves this through Alexo Athletica, a unique women’s apparel company dedicated to defend women and help them find the confidence to live and protect themselves as they see fit. It is certainly a brave step at a time when the gun question evokes so much passion across demographics. In this conversation with Rob Cornilles, Amy talks about the driving factors that led her to embark on this unique crusade.

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Rob Cornilles is the host of GAME FACE EXECS and the author of the international bestseller, The Sales Game Changer: How to Become the Salesperson People Love. For 25 years Rob’s company ( has been advising and training hundreds of diverse startup and well-established brands on rev gen and personnel development. In his core market he is the undisputed “Sales Coach for Sports.” Connect at… or schedule a 15-minute call ( to see if he’s the right fit for your team, organization, or personal coaching.


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Alexo Athletica Spring Line-up Sneak Peak

Alexo Athletica Spring Line-up Sneak Peak
by Chad McBroom
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Physical training and conditioning are just as important to a prepared lifestyle as spending time on the range with your EDC. Those who make concealed carry a daily practice realize that one of the most vulnerable places they can find themselves is in the middle of a workout, dressed in athletic attire that neither offers the concealment nor the infrastructure to support carrying a weapon. Whether at the gym or on the running trail, the dangers around us don’t pause as we attempt to reach our fitness goals.

Amy Robbins discovered this reality while training for her first marathon. While battling to find a balance between security and comfort as she spent her days running in a Dallas park with a history of violent crime, she discovered a market void and set out to create her own athletic clothing line that would facilitate concealed carry. As a result, Alexo Athletica was born.

Alexo, literally meaning to defend, entered the scene in 2017 with their ladies Signature Pant, a nine-pocket concealed-carry legging that offers three integrated holster pockets, and eventually followed up with their Fit n’ Flow concealment cover jacket. As their loyal customers have anxiously awaited to see what new things are on the horizon, we were able to get an exclusive first look at the Alexo 2019 Spring Collection during SHOT Show.

As if pistol-packing leggings weren’t impressive enough, Alexo will soon be introducing the first-ever concealed-carry running short. Yes, that’s right. Alexo has integrated the same concealed-carry technology from their leggings into a stylish running short.

These new shorts feature a reinforced waistband with seven pockets to carry all your EDC essentials. There are three designated specialty pockets, one at the appendix and one on each hip, for securely carrying a taser, blade, chemical agent, small firearm (up to 23 oz loaded) or other defensive tools. These also pockets include the same double-pocket trigger guard system found on the Signature Pant. When covered with a semi-loose-fitting top, these running shorts looks like any other loose-fitting, high-cut running short.

Alexo Athletica Spring Line-up Sneak Peak

Alexo Athletica Spring Line-up Sneak Peak

Alexo Athletica Spring Line-up Sneak Peak

No need to look far for those cover garments either. The Mesh Cupro Tank from Alexo offers a strategic front mesh detail that helps minimize printing and is perfect as a base garment for layering.  The re-release of the Mesh Tank this Spring will include black, grey, and a white version.

Alexo Athletica Spring Line-up Sneak Peak

Also new for 2019 is the Hi Lo Lightweight Cupro Sweater in black, grey, and white. This bi-level design layers with the Mesh Cupro Tank to help conceal whatever you might be carrying in your Alexo leggings or shorts. The back of the sweater is cut slightly longer to give a little extra coverage to the backside while running around town. The sleeves have thumb holes to keep the hands warm during cooler weather.

Alexo Athletica Spring Line-up Sneak Peak

Finally, Alexo’s bestselling Fit n’ Flow Jacket will be hitting the shelves in two brand new colored linings, Warrior Princess Blue and Olive Green.  These water-resistant jackets are designed for everyday wear with additional storage pockets for everyday items and personal protection tools.
Alexo Athletica Spring Line-up Sneak Peak
Photo Credit: Chad McBroom and Recoil Web

Live a Confident Life Interview with Amy Robbins – Women in Power

Listen to Elena Cardone interview Amy Robbins on Women in Power. The two discuss firearms, self-defense, and living a confident, self-reliant lifestyle as a woman. Situational awareness, carrying your weapon with confidence, and protecting yourself and your family while refusing to be a victim are just some of the topics discussed.

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Elena Cardone started her career in Hollywood and soon became a successful actress and model of TV and film fame. A lifelong competitive sport shooter, and now author, businesswoman, public speaker empire builder and visionary, Elena currently hosts her own show, “Women in Power” and co-hosts “The G&E Show” with her husband, Grant Cardone, bestselling author, entrepreneur and real estate investor. Together they have created a real estate portfolio of almost one-billion dollars.

Elena has been happily married since 2004 (July 4th to be exact – and the fireworks have never stopped) and lives with her husband Grant and their two daughters, Sabrina and Scarlett in Miami Beach.

RECOIL: Alexo Athletica: Athletic Apparel for Armed Women

One Sunday afternoon on August 7, 2016, 27-year-old Vanessa Teresa Marcotte left her mother’s house in Princeton, Massachusetts to go out for a run before heading back to her home in New York. She never returned. Her body was recovered a few hours later in a heavily wooded area less than a half-mile from away.

Original Article:

Learn To Hide Guns At A Concealed Carry Fashion Show (HBO)

This fashion show comes with a trigger warning.

It might not look like the runways of Milan Fashion week, but the influence of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Concealed Carry Fashion Show goes far beyond seasonal style trends.

Strutting around the basement level of a Hyatt Hotel in Chicago, models show off nylon leggings that can at least 3 glocks or a dainty blouse with inbuilt side panels for designed to comfortably stow a pistol.

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Time Magazine: Guns in America

Guns in America:
behind the making of the JRxTIME cover.
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The Daily WIre: Meet The Woman Who Sells Athletic Pants With A Holster To Encourage Women To Protect Themselves

Original Article:

While training for a marathon early in the morning and late at night, Amy Robbins wanted to have a defense tool on her body while on her runs to feel safe. With the lack of available women’s athletic wear that allows for both a workout and pockets for self-defense tools, Robbins decided to make her own and created Alexo Athletica….

The Daily WIre: Meet The Woman Who Sells Athletic Pants With A Holster To Encourage Women To Protect Themselves

The Won: Running with a Gun

Original Article:

I’ve run since I was 14. At the time, the daughter of a friend told me I shouldn’t run alone – something bad could happen to me. She was only 6, but she already had gained an awareness of this reality: as a female, running down a country road poses danger. I never stopped running. I still run, down country roads, and on city streets. And I’m going to share how I have stayed safe while running for 31 years, which includes running with a gun…

The Won: Running with a Gun

The Won: Running with a Gun

The Won: Running with a Gun

RECOIL: Going Hot – Charr Cee

RECOIL: Going Hot – Charr Cee


Charr Cee @cctactics

Jorge Nuñez @jorgehnunez

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FN @fn_america

Cameleon @cameleonbags

Alexo Athletica @alexoathletica
Fit n’ Flow Jacket

Alexo Athletica @alexoathletica
Signature Pant

Danner @dannerboots
Women’s Mountain 600

Where athleisure women’s wear meets firearms

Original Article:

Founder and CEO of Alexo Athletica, Amy Robbins, has a long history with guns. Hosting NOIR and GunTV and most recently the Not Your Average Gun Girl podcast, Robbins has taken her knowledge of firearms and married it to the fashion industry, creating Alexo Athletica — a fashionable line of active wear for women who conceal carry.

Robbins said the idea for a concealed carry athleisure line was sparked while she was training for an upcoming marathon. Hitting the pavement for long runs early in the morning or late at night, she realized there was a gaping hole in the gun industry where women and athletic wear were concerned.

Where athleisure women’s wear meets firearms

“After I got my concealed carry permit I really wanted to be able to run with my gun on my body but found no options I really liked. I also wanted to be able to wear my workout clothes throughout the day and needed something to be fashionable as well as functional for my lifestyle,” Robbins told “At that time there was nothing on the market that satisfied my taste for both so I got to work designing a line that I would want to wear and there just so happened to be a large market of women looking for the same thing.”

The idea took a couple of years to bring to life. With no prior background in fashion design, Robbins is completely self-taught and the process to bring Alexo Athletica into fruition wasn’t an easy one. After two years in development, where Robbins enlisted the help of others including her husband, Alexo Athletica has finally entered the active wear market, showcasing a variety of designs for women who lead an active lifestyle (or those that just like the looks of it.)

Alexo Athletica boasts a bevy of clothing options for women. With three jackets, a Signature Pant, Carry Crop and two new jackets on the way for Spring, Robbins has carefully crafted products that fit into a busy woman’s wardrobe. Offering sizes ranging from XS to 2XL, the company also gives women of multiple sizes the option to carry.

“We love getting to design fashionable, functional clothes and could not continue to do it without the support of this great community,” Robbins said. “While other big name athletic brands back down from supporting our second amendment right, our company will not only be vocal in supporting it but will continue to make it possible to exercise that right as well.”

Looking towards the horizon, Alexo Atheletica has plans to eventually add more active wear to its look book, incorporating concealed carry styles for the manly carriers among the community.

Where athleisure women’s wear meets firearms

“In five years we plan on not only having a full, four season lifestyle line for women but men as well. This idea of self reliance is a gender neutral issue and we want to provide the most functional, fashionable carry wear available on the market,” she said.

For now Robbins continues her mission of delivering fashion forward athliesure wear to women who carry; and though it’s been an arduous journey, she says she hopes Alexo Athletica continues its growth into the athletic brand for men and women.

“My ultimate goal for Alexo is to see continued growth in the empowerment movement and see a world inspired by men and women who are independent, athletic, and have a willingness to defend themselves if needed,” Robbins explained.

Original Article: