Rylie’s World / Meet Rylie!!

Hi, I’m Rylie and Alexo Athletica’s newest Intern. I’m a fashion merchandising and digital retailing major. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2019 and couldn’t be more excited to see what my future holds. When searching for internships, I knew I wanted to work with a creative fashion brand. I wanted to gain experience with a brand that not only made apparel, but also had a positive purpose that ultimately benefited others. I was first introduced to Alexo Athletica by my Dad. My Dad is a father to three girls, so he is always finding the latest and greatest creations to keep us girls as safe as possible.

Alexo Athletica not only creates stylish active wear, but creates functional fitness apparel that allow women to carry what they feel is necessary to keep them protected and safe. I recently turned 21 and don’t have my license to carry yet, but I think it is very important to be prepared for any given situation. I think self defense is something all women should be knowledgeable in.

I have a passion for fashion and fitness, which makes Alexo Athletica the perfect company to spend my summer with. To me, an Alexo Women is all about living a healthy lifestyle, while also being fashionable and safe. I believe every woman should have the right to defend themselves. Fitness and health are very important parts of my lifestyle and Alexo Athletica gives me the confidence to feel safe while doing what I love. Follow along my journey this summer as I intern with Alexo Athletica!