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Founder and CEO of Alexo Athletica, Amy Robbins, has a long history with guns. Hosting NOIR and GunTV and most recently the Not Your Average Gun Girl podcast, Robbins has taken her knowledge of firearms and married it to the fashion industry, creating Alexo Athletica — a fashionable line of active wear for women who conceal carry.

Robbins said the idea for a concealed carry athleisure line was sparked while she was training for an upcoming marathon. Hitting the pavement for long runs early in the morning or late at night, she realized there was a gaping hole in the gun industry where women and athletic wear were concerned.

Where athleisure women’s wear meets firearms

“After I got my concealed carry permit I really wanted to be able to run with my gun on my body but found no options I really liked. I also wanted to be able to wear my workout clothes throughout the day and needed something to be fashionable as well as functional for my lifestyle,” Robbins told Guns.com. “At that time there was nothing on the market that satisfied my taste for both so I got to work designing a line that I would want to wear and there just so happened to be a large market of women looking for the same thing.”

The idea took a couple of years to bring to life. With no prior background in fashion design, Robbins is completely self-taught and the process to bring Alexo Athletica into fruition wasn’t an easy one. After two years in development, where Robbins enlisted the help of others including her husband, Alexo Athletica has finally entered the active wear market, showcasing a variety of designs for women who lead an active lifestyle (or those that just like the looks of it.)

Alexo Athletica boasts a bevy of clothing options for women. With three jackets, a Signature Pant, Carry Crop and two new jackets on the way for Spring, Robbins has carefully crafted products that fit into a busy woman’s wardrobe. Offering sizes ranging from XS to 2XL, the company also gives women of multiple sizes the option to carry.

“We love getting to design fashionable, functional clothes and could not continue to do it without the support of this great community,” Robbins said. “While other big name athletic brands back down from supporting our second amendment right, our company will not only be vocal in supporting it but will continue to make it possible to exercise that right as well.”

Looking towards the horizon, Alexo Atheletica has plans to eventually add more active wear to its look book, incorporating concealed carry styles for the manly carriers among the community.

Where athleisure women’s wear meets firearms

“In five years we plan on not only having a full, four season lifestyle line for women but men as well. This idea of self reliance is a gender neutral issue and we want to provide the most functional, fashionable carry wear available on the market,” she said.

For now Robbins continues her mission of delivering fashion forward athliesure wear to women who carry; and though it’s been an arduous journey, she says she hopes Alexo Athletica continues its growth into the athletic brand for men and women.

“My ultimate goal for Alexo is to see continued growth in the empowerment movement and see a world inspired by men and women who are independent, athletic, and have a willingness to defend themselves if needed,” Robbins explained.

Original Article: patriotgunnews.com